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The Unknown Power of Synchronicity

I love movies where the character lines seem unrelated and then in the end they overlap in ways that the viewer didn't foresee. It's an easy example yet it often plays out in the real world in ways we don't see.

Here is a story from my own life. I changed a few details to protect the client's identity.

I recently had an outpatient procedure completed. It was nothing serious but I have incisions that are healing. The recovery turned out to be more than I expected - because the doctor down played it or I am simply a wimp with no pain tolerance- I'm not sure. lol Originally, I planned to take a full week off of Reiki sessions to recover but I found out I was scheduled unexpectedly for a session a few days after the procedure.

I asked for the client's name and number to reschedule but low and behold, the front desk person didn't take a name. I admit, I was kind of annoyed. "So, you booked a session with no information?" I asked. The front desk girl was so nice and apologetic that I couldn't really be angry with her. It was actually kind of amusing- a scheduler who took no information- how odd is that? However, I couldn't call the client to reschedule and I felt a little put out about it initially. Luckily, by the time the session rolled around, I had to admit that I did feel up to it. So I let go of my irritation and left it in God's hands. If I was meant to have this session, then I was open to whatever happened.

The woman who came in was far more nervous than most first time clients. I realized pretty quickly that she wasn't just coming in to explore energy work- she had something serious weighing on her mind. It turned out she was scheduled for a medical procedure the following week and wanted to make sure it went well. As she explained what was going on, I felt chills throughout my entire body. Head to toe- goosebumps. I realized the Universe put me exactly where I was supposed to be in that moment. Now to be clear, I do not claim that Reiki can solve medical issues but I know without a doubt that this woman was there for a reason. Something in the field needed to be rebalanced prior to the procedure and/or she needed help cutting through the mental chatter of uncertainty.

If I had been able to reschedule earlier in the week, I would have; yet that wasn't what was needed. I saw all the ways that I was lead to there and it was awe-inspiring. I also realized that if I didn't see her that day, I would not have been able to schedule her until after the procedure. I didn't see all of this but the Universe arranged it perfectly. She needed to be seen that day. The session was amazing and the word that rang through my mind as a message for both her (and myself) was TRUST.

To me, it is nothing short of a miracle. I can't say I do it daily, but I sit in meditation in the morning and ask to be open to Divine Flow, magic, synchronicity and miracles.

Why do I ask for magic, synchronicity and miracles? Because there is a Universal rule that applies to so much- whether it's what you want to come in to your life, receiving help with a problem, having more intuition or receiving guidance and it is a simple one...
First, you have to ask.

© 2021 Regina Kitzmiller

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