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The 7 Day Magic Challenge

I sometimes feel like I'm living in my own version of Groundhog Day. Don't we all sometimes get stuck in the same day to day routine? We eat the same foods, wear the same clothes, and follow the exact same schedule. There is nothing wrong with schedules (we all have to pay the bills) but sometimes the soul is asking for something MORE. We may hear stories about magic, synchronicity, and signs and wonder why we aren't receiving them. Or we may recognize them occasionally but want to see them on a regular basis. Many people are wanting something different for their life but don't know where to start or what that might look like...

Last month, I was inspired to begin development of a project to bring more magic to life. Janie MacMillan and I decided this was a great fit for Color Outside the Lines ( because participants often want to know how to bring more synchronicity and magic into their lives after an event. We have been working hard throughout October to develop a fun way for how to make this happen-

Enter the 7-Day Magic Challenge. We are going to provide the framework for how to bring more magic into day to day life. Now some people may be thinking, "But I have NO time this week! It's the craziest schedule!" Don't worry, we have you covered!

The Challenge is going to provide suggestions each day for how to be more open to magic. Each day we will give options that will range from easy to manage (such as trying a new coffee shop) to things that take more effort and planning (such as a special field trip.) Along the way, we are going to provide tips and motivation for how this might look in your life. Also, days can be moved around to accommodate your schedule; nothing is rigid or set in stone. It's fluid by design because all of our lives look different. And if the official kick off week is a bad week- no problem. Start it at anytime! Have to skip a day? That's fine, join us on the following day. The point is to create the week that YOU want to have and to begin to notice where things are feeling stagnant. The goal is to shake off the old routines and open to something new. Something better.

Our trial run starts tomorrow and I'm excited to see how this plays out! We plan to launch the official Challenge later this month so make sure to join us on Facebook - The Color Outside the Lines Experience - @ColorOutsideLife. Or drop us a line if you aren't on FB and we'll send you the Challenge.

Until then, play on!

© 2021 Regina Kitzmiller

photo: Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

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