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Synchronicity- Finding the Magic of Life

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

I was thinking about the beauty of synchronicity this morning. Someone recently asked me how I know if it's coincidence or something deeper. It's a good question. How can you tell if life is giving you a green light or if something is just happen-stance?

I think the answer lies inside us. We know on an intuitive level if something is meaningful. It will "ping" or resonates differently.

  • It's why I can be driving in my car and a specific song will suddenly jump out at me. The lyrics will hold more meaning.

  • It's why I can wake up at the exact same time at night and look at the clock at 3:11am. (Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray is a good book for some insight into number sequences).

  • It's why I'll keep seeing articles about the importance of drinking water when I've been feeling nudged to do so for my health.

  • It's why I have random coincidences providing some direction. (Like running into an old co-worker when I had been thinking about going back to work when my kids were little)

I talk about this in my blog on grief ( because it comes up often in terms of signs from loved ones. Yet the Universe, God, your team of guides and angels or loved ones often send signs quite often. It doesn't happen only after the death of a loved one.

The issue is that we often want another person to validate the sign for us. To tell us that chance meeting with an old friend, the random song on the radio was definitely "a sign" or a "synchronicity."

But another person cannot validate synchronicities, signs, and miracles in your life- because it wasn't meant for them. It was meant for YOU. That is why it resonated strongly with you rather than the other person.

Now I am a pretty logical person by nature (I know, shocking right?). I hear that same little voice that many of us have in our head, " Is this really a sign? Maybe I just want it to be a sign." Here's the thing- I acknowledge my skepticism then I tell it to get in the backseat. I go back to how I felt when I initially found the feather or saw the ladybug, etc. I hold on to that feeling rather than my doubt.

Some people say that don't see any synchronicity or signs in their life. Here are some suggestions if you want to see them appear OR if you want more of them.


  1. Every morning set your intention to welcome more synchronicities, miracles and signs into your life. (your changing your energetic vibration here. Like=like)

  2. Be open to seeing them.

  3. Quiet the inner skeptic. Stop questioning the how or why.

  4. Acknowledge and give gratitude for the ones you do see by either saying,"Thank you God/Universe. Please send more." OR feel your sense of wonder and joy in your heart at the sign. Pause and feel gratitude for it.

Now I'm not saying to run out and quit your job if you see a sign on the side of the road saying "make a million dollar at home." But I would suggest anyone to follow those little nudges- to take a class that interests you, read a book on a topic you want to learn about, maybe plan a trip to a new destination that seems to keep coming up for you. These can also come up as cautions. Maybe it's that nudge to talk to your doctor about something that has been nagging at you. Listen to the inner voice!

The more you show you are open to guidance, synchronicities and signs- the more you'll receive them.

The Key: Ask for What You Want / Show Up / Be Open / Give Thanks.

For most of us, this will need to be a daily practice of setting intention. I started a miracle journal so I can write down all things I see that happen in my life. Because it's easy to forget some of the smaller ones that happen day to day. But this practice is much like a gratitude journal. It's building that spiritual muscle that begins to call in bigger and bigger things.

And don't we all deserve a little more magic in our lives?

© 2021 Regina Kitzmiller

photo: by ju_see

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