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The Hate Energy Loop

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

A few months ago, I was standing in my kitchen making a cup of tea when I felt a dense, lower vibration being enter my house. It felt big and powerful. It scared me and I immediately jumped on the defensive and starting yelling at it with a hostile tone to get out of my house. I felt powerful in my anger and I blasted it with all my force.

I felt it turn to leave but not before it lashed out at me. It tore my energy field open right down the front of my chest and stomach. It was as if someone had lashed through my heart and solar plexus chakra from an energy standpoint. Physically, it suddenly hurt to breathe.

I stood there, gripping my chest in surprise and wondering what just happened. Who was this being and why was it able to hurt me? Shouldn't I have been protected?

Awhile later, I checked in with my guides and talked it over. Still a but stunned by the suddenness of it all.

Here is what I learned- I didn't ask this being what they wanted. I assumed because he was lower vibration that he had ill intentions. In hindsight, I believe he had entered to ask for my help. But I never let him get to that part. I started throwing stones without asking that very important question, "What is your intention?"

The minute I sent it hate and fear, I lowered my protective shield. My guides explained the energy I felt was no different then the energy I sent. I injured him just as much as he injured me. All he did was walk in to ask for help and I jumped up and attacked him. I sent out hate and it was promptly returned right back to me.

It was one of the most painful energy lessons that I've experienced. It took me weeks to repair the damage done to my aura. It physically felt like I fractured a rib or broken my sternum. For days after, I would catch myself instinctively holding a hand over my heart in discomfort. I had no idea how long it would take to heal.

I learned several things that day. But the lesson that comes most to mind is this Universal Truth-

What you send out will be returned to you.

It was a painful but important lesson for me.

So sitting here today, I think about our world. I ask that each of us think carefully about what we are sending out and what we are manifesting. Are we manifesting in fear or are we manifesting our heart's desires in love?

Are we sending hate to hate? Or are we putting out the in the world what we want to see MORE of? Kindness, Love, Compassion.

The greatest superpower we hold is Love.

I've seen where hate will take me. I chose to tread carefully and learn from my mistakes.

Act in hateful way and the outcome may not be what was expected.

© 2020 Regina Kitzmiller

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