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Hogwarts Reality Shifting- Things to Consider

I was flipping through the mail last week when my daughter mentioned that her good friend was into this new thing that I would like because it was "spiritual." She said it was called "shift" or "shifting." As she began to explain to me what it entailed, my antennae went up. For reasons I could not articulate, it immediately made me uneasy. So I paused what I was doing and began to google "shifting" and found a good deal of information when it comes to Shifting to Hogwarts. There's even several Pinterest pages dedicated to it. From what I gathered, an individual would decide who their alter identity would be down to the last detail (sex, birthdate, siblings, friends, etc.), the other characters and scene setting. My daughter wanted Outer Banks but Hogwarts seems to be the big one. They then go into meditation and send their spirit or soul via a ball of light through a tunnel into this new reality.

Now I meditate on pretty much a daily basis and have for the last few years. So I am very familiar with guided imagery and taken classes on meditation, shamanic journeying, etc. I also talk to my Spirit Guides and those in spirit so you would think this would be right up my alley, right?

No. It actually is not.

I have concerns about this practice, especially if it is being used by teens or younger children. I read quite a bit on a number of topics- and it was the description of the 'ball of light' (i.e. soul) that caught my attention. This has been described in other books about near death experiences. So the fact that anyone is trying to PROPEL their soul/spirit into another dimension poses an issue for me for several reasons. I also had other concerns about this type of projection for lack of a better name.

1) The first and obvious thing that was lacking was protection. When meditating, I always set a protection of light around myself.

2) I also set an intention for the meditation. What is it that I want to receive? Is it guidance, clarity, release, etc. I also state clearly who am I asking for guidance or connection to/from- God, angels, etc. I am specific and always ask for "only that which is for my highest good."

3) When going into deep meditative states, one needs to walk the steps backwards to fully come back into the present moment. For example, in a shamanic journey- one walks the path backwards and exits the same way they went into the meditation. It may seem trivial but it's actually a vital step in the practice. I would also point out, the shamanic journey is done with a specific purpose. It is not a means of escape.

4) Our souls are here on the Earth at this time for a particular reason. We are here by design and each day is a gift. So by trying to escape to another realm or fantasy, it takes energy/presence away from our current life lessons, life path, and life experiences.

5) I also questioned who are the other players/characters? Are they being animated from imagination, other beings, or do we not really know? I may talk to those in spirit but I certainly don't pick up a Ouija board and ask to speak to the closest being or invite them in to my meditation. Do you invite random strangers in for coffee? Probably not.

My daughter pushed back at me about this at first. I found it slightly amusing that we were discussing what she could and could not use her imagination for. But I explained the difference between a daydream and this type of imaginative projection. What girl didn't daydream about a movie star or singer in grade school? Innocent, right? Yes. But that isn't what this is- and that is where my concern lies.

This was created by a young girl on TikTok who probably stumbled upon something that she wanted to share but didn't really understand. That doesn't mean we should all follow suit.

A few hours later my daughter told me she wasn't going to try "shifting" after all. When I asked her why, she said it didn't make a lot of sense. She also said her friend tried it and told her she didn't feel well afterwards. When I asked what she meant, she said her friend felt dizzy and nauseous.

Harmless? Maybe.

But you know what I've never felt after a meditation? Dizzy and nauseous.

I am all about expansive thinking. But as always, ask questions and listen to intuition. If something feels off, then it's a good time to stop and dig a bit deeper.

© 2021 Regina Kitzmiller

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