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Automatic Writing - A How To Guide

I've written about automatic writing before in my other blog (One Light in the Dark) but it's come up quite a bit lately with clients so I thought I would share more on this topic. Keep in mind, this is my process so feel free to adjust it to make it your own.

As always, take what resonates and leave the rest.

  1. Set the space. This is important, especially in the beginning. Pick a time of day when you will not be bothered. I like to light a candle or incense. I purposely do this to disengage from whatever activity I was doing beforehand. Once you have your space, either have your computer or notebook/pen ready. I initially started with pen and paper and it's still my preferred method.

  2. Center yourself. Clear your mind of all thoughts... just kidding. Who is ever able to do that?! Begin by focusing your attention on your heart center. Use your imagination to see a brilliant light expanding and filling your entire body. See your all of your thoughts and emotions- bathed by this beautiful light. If you struggle with this, try a different image. Imagine a wave of light or love filling you completely. Go with any visual that feels right for you. Use your imagination here! I visualize that light going up through the crown of my head into the Universe. I take it high, beyond my imagination and connect in with The Divine (God, Source, Universe whatever feels right for you). I also send that light into the Earth. This allows a clear, grounded connection.

  3. Set Intention and Protection For me, these go hand in hand. I imagine a white light filling me completely and forming a protective sphere or egg shape around me. Then I set the intention for what I would like to happen. Am I writing simple to get in connection with my deeper self or am I looking for outside guidance? Be as specific as possible. This could be my Catholic roots showing, but I doubt many of us are inviting strangers off the street in for tea. If you believe you have Guides and Helpers then ask for help. It can be as simple as saying out loud, "Hey guys. Gina has me doing this crazy automatic writing thing, I can use a little help here."

  4. Breathe. Breath is the gateway to presence. So take a few minutes to feel your breath. If you can, breathe a little deeper on each inhale and exhale. This raises your vibration.

  5. Write. For me, it helps to write a question such as, "What does my soul want me to know today?" or start it like a letter "Dear _____ (your name)"... Then write. Don't over think. Set the timer for 3-5 minutes and just fill the page as much as you can. Then when your done, re-read it. See if anything jumps out at you. Even if you don't think you see anything- hold on to it. Come back a day or two later and read it again. See if anything resonates.

  6. Ideas. Common questions that I ask - "What would be most useful for me to know today?" or "What area needs my attention?" or I ask the deeper question of what is weighing on my heart. "I'm struggling with _________. Please give me advice." Or for exploration, "What does my heart want? What do I want to create?"

  7. Don't question what you write! This is crucial in the beginning. The logical mind will be jumping up and down and yelling at you during the process. Ignore it. Tell it to get in the backseat of the car and be quiet. Seriously.

  8. Remember it's a PRACTICE. In the beginning, I purchased a notebook and wrote in it almost daily. I can look back now and see the progress and how it evolved. Trust that if you feel nudged to do this then keep it up. Listen to your intuition.

Automatic writing has been invaluable. It helps me become clear about where I want to go or what is most needed. It also helps me figure out what's bothering me in a situation or relationship and how to proceed. It can also be a great way to begin to communicate with guides, angels, helpers, and loved ones.

Remember that your angelic teams are always supportive and loving. If the advice resonates, then honor it as your truth. Be grateful and say "Thank you" for any helpful information. If it didn't work then ask to be shown a different way- a way that is perfect for you.

I hope this helps! For those of you that try it, let me know how it goes!

© 2022 Regina Kitzmiller

photo: Wix media

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