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A Check from The Universe

Winter Solstice is tomorrow, December 21, 2021 for us in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a time to go within and reflect on the day with shortest amount of daylight. It is also the time to light a candle and set your intentions for the upcoming year and beyond.

Years ago, I attended a Solstice event where participants were handed a blank check. We were given instructions to write our hearts deepest desire and sign the check. Then we sealed it in an envelope for safe keeping. I only have vague memories of what I wished for so long ago.

Yet this memory kept coming back to me this week. I keep seeing that blank check and asking myself what I would ask for right now. A reminder to set my intentions this week; not only for myself but for the world.

So today, I printed off a copy of the Check from the Universe at and tomorrow I'm going to fill it out and sign it. I may seal it in an envelope or burn it in a fire to send my prayers up to The Divine.

For me, the Solstice is more meaningful this year. I can feel the energy building and I heard that it will actually stay strong for the next three (3) weeks. This window where the spiritual veil thins and wishes heard and granted. I love the magic in that.

The blank check isn't for a trivial wants; it is a tool to ask ourselves- what it is asking to be born in our hearts on a deeper level? What are we seeking? What do we want to create in the world? Who do we want to become?

This is the beauty of Solstice in Winter- the dark reminds us to go inward. To reflect on how far we've come and where we want to go.

It is also feeling gratitude for the earth, for our ancestors and for all the support we are receiving right now- both spiritually, physically, and energetically.

Tend your inner fire this week. Look inward. Let the magic of Solstice bring your true desires to light then send them up to the Universe in prayer, in meditation, or by writing a check. It's the intention that makes it so powerful.

Join me in welcoming the return of the Light. May we show that light to the world.

Happy Solstice.

© 2021 Regina Kitzmiller

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